Engineering on the Edge

ITM is a structural test & measurement engineering service and software company that focuses on three vertical spaces: Industrial Monitoring, Testing Services, and configuration based test software, iTestSystem. ITM was founded by Tim Carlier in 2001 to help companies reduce costs and improve efficiencies in their product development, manufacturing, and production activities. 

Launched in his basement, Tim added his first employee and opened their Milford, Ohio office several months later. Over the next few years, ITM added more team members, and in 2004 was awarded a patent on a boiler monitoring, feedback and control process to help ITM’s clients reduce energy costs. The next breakthrough came when an international off-highway client hired ITM to create a custom software package for data delivery that would include specific applications for their equipment and testing needs. 

That was the genesis for iTestSystem, which launched formally in 2007. ITM quickly transitioned from a firm that could offer hardware and services to an outfit that could offer custom software solutions. ITM has helped companies in the pulp/paper, automotive, off-highway, aerospace, consumer products, machine tool, medical and other manufacturing markets realize a wide range of cost savings and other benefits. These include decreasing energy consumption by up to 40 percent, eliminating costly mechanical failures and streamlining their product design and testing processes. 

Today, ITM provides software development, structural and mechanical testing services, industrial monitoring, strain gauging, and data analysis solutions to clients on five continents. ITM is a recognized National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner. 

Our Management Team

Tim Carlier

Tim Carlier

Engineer / President / Founder

As president and founder of ITM, Tim is focused on growing the company and mentoring his team. He’s an inventor and entrepreneur at heart, and he’s passionate about innovating around renewable energy that will not just benefit his clients but also leave the planet better than he found it.


Mark Yeager

Engineer / Lead Programmer

An avid programmer Mark is a Certified LabVIEW™ Architect (CLA), Certified LabVIEW™ Embedded Designer (CLED), and a CAT III Vibration Analyst. He also oversees marketing. 

Ryan Welker

Ryan Welker

Engineer / Vice President of Operations

Ryan Welker is a 25-year veteran in engineering, procurement and project management. Ryan currently serves as a Vice President of Operations at Integrated Test and Measurement (ITM) in Milford, Ohio. In this role, he oversees the daily operations and monitors all phases of project fulfillment, including customer inquiries, proposal development, scheduling and manpower, employee training, on-site installations, customer follow-up, and support.

Josh Fishback

Josh Fishback

Administrative Director

After spending several years crunching numbers in an accounting firm, Josh quickly became a jack of all trades after joining ITM. Today, he not only manages ITM’s finances but also tracks time, equipment use and billing for ITM client projects.